Refinishing a Deck the Right Way

How to Approach Refinishing a Deck

Most homeowners choose wood as the best material for deck construction. Although it is attractive and helps a lot in creating just the right ambience for your exterior, wood is susceptible to damage and especially if a homeowner neglects maintenance. Refinishing a deck so many times degrades the panels used to make although it would be necessary if you just purchased a home and feel that everything needs to be refurbished. Described below is the proper way to handle refinishing a deck and tips on what you need to do so that your deck maintains its gloss for longer periods of time.

If you do not have the tools already, you will need a pressure washer and a sander. The power washer should neither be too strong nor too soft; its pressure should be capable of scraping old paint and stains of from the wood. Be careful to read your pressure washer’s manual for proper usage. If you are going to borrow or hire one, ask the owner to guide you on its usage.

After scraping the unsightly patches of old paint and stains off, it is time to embark on getting rid of the small bits of wood which were left sticking up from your deck. Depending on how much abrasion has taken place on it, you can either use a sander with fine grit or one which is relatively rough. Remember, your deck might look good after using the pressure washer on it but if it does not have a fine surface, it would be difficult to apply a protective coat on it.

Like stated earlier, refinishing your deck so many times degrades the wood used to build it. A better strategy would be applying a waterproof coat on it so that it retains it beauty for a longer period of time. There are two basic types of strainers which can be used for this purpose; a homeowner will have an option between water based strainers and oil based strainers. Although water based strainers are cheaper, they are not as durable as oil based strainers which rules them out for outdoor environments. If you need advice on the best brand, inquire from your local home improvement store or consider researching on the Internet.

Note that the strainer should only be applied when the deck is completely dry. This implies that the best season to refinish a home deck would be summer. A deck can also be refinished in the winter season although additional care is needed.

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