Faulty Plumbing: A Danger to the Foundation Repair Project

Real estate investors as well as homeowners who are planning foundation repair projects to put a house on the market would want to increase the value of their property. Working on a remodeling project on specific parts of the house is a wise move. The act of remodeling would increase the market value of the house and never put the seller in a legal dilemma when after a successful sale, problems would come up with the property. Even if there are many possible areas that can undergo remodeling, a homeowner should never set aside the possibility of a faulty plumbing system.

Why should this be taken seriously? To make things easier to understand, a faulty plumbing system could pose a serious threat to the integrity of a house’s foundation. The foundation, as structural engineers may cite, is one of the hardest parts of a house to subject to remodeling, repairing, or rehabilitation. It is for this matter that early detection of plumbing system leaks and damage to the foundation be carried out. How do such leaks affect the foundation’s structural integrity? It is important to know about this before doing aggressive remodeling activities on an area.

Experts will point out two ways on the mechanism of remodeling damage due to plumbing leaks. The first is called as heaving. Soil beneath the foundation slab will have this tendency to rise up when it becomes saturated with moisture. The pressure coming from the rising soil could be so great that it will eventually cause cracks on the slab or bowing on the floor. A heaving foundation is detected by doing an elevation survey of the foundation. Areas that are supposed to be flat which shows signs of uneven surface would indicate heaving. When damage to the floor has reached an advanced level of damage, intensive repairs to the foundation or even complete rehabilitation of the foundation would be required.

While damaged foundation could be easy to notice, there are people who are saying that it is hard to prove. Of course, when plumbing lines go beneath the foundation slabs, visual confirmation of the plumbing leak is impossible. The smell of sewage, rising surfaces on the floor, and cracks on the wall could indicate serious damage to the foundation. While simple repair measures would work in some cases, these don’t work when the degree of damage has already reached a critical point. This is when the foundation has already been damaged by the sinking or rising soil beneath it.

foundation repair projectBefore a repair job could be carried out on a heaving soil or foundation, some measures of rehabilitation would be done. This would involve injecting the affected area with soil, cutting of water supply to the pipes, or a complete slab repair. The remodeling job could only proceed when the surface of the floor has been made perfectly even.

The second way on which a plumbing leak could affect a house’s foundation is through a process called as “middle drop”. It means that the soil beneath the foundation has become so soft that the weight it carries sinks it down. It is like stepping on mud. Soils types that don’t allow evaporation of water are most prone to this process. The sinking process will happen slowly but will become more and more noticeable as the months pass by.

An observer from the outside of a house will notice a visible sag in the roofline if a middle drop in the foundation is happening. The sinking soil will result in tiles that have cracks which start from being narrow to wide as it radiates away from the center. If there is a sewage line underneath a house, it would be the most probable cause of this soil sinking effect.  Areas that have soils which are always hydrated are also prone to middle drop in the foundation.

Those who will hire companies to repair a house’s foundation should also make sure that the plumbing system is repaired. No matter how costly a foundation repair job may be, it would be useless when the source of problem is not dealt with. Repairs done on the foundation could damage a perfectly functioning plumbing system. It is therefore a wise thing to include both the foundation and plumbing system remodeling and repair on the same job order. After the job has been finished, effective home remodeling activities could be carried out.

It is very important that plumbing leaks be ruled out even before foundation repair and remodeling jobs are done. If this is skipped and a leak is detected after the completion of the job, warranties will be voided. A wise homeowner will never overlook this matter when planning to hire a specific home foundation repair company that will fix a house’s foundation. Plumbing leaks present a serious threat to the structural integrity of the foundation. Homeowners should never do a foundation repair job unless plumbing leaks have been ruled out completely.

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