Avoiding Foundation Repair Contractor Scams

Foundation Repair Contractor Scams

foundation repair contractor scamsMost people have never had to hire a foundation repair contractor so understandably there is concern about being scammed. There are unscrupulous contractors in every market so it is advisable to learn how to avoid them. Here are some great tips to follow:

“First, check the company’s workers compensation insurance certificate. Many contractors claim in their ads that they offer insurance, but upon closer review, the specific worker who will be repairing your foundation is not covered. Ask to see the certificate to verify the specific coverage and any limits to the protection.

Next, don’t pay for the job in advance. You might need to pay a small down payment, depending on the size of the job, but asking for a large down payment, or especially full payment, should be a red flag. These unscrupulous contractors often disappear with your money. They may even start the job before they disappear, leaving you in worse shape than before.

You should also make sure that the company you research and hire will actually be doing the work. Many contractors use subcontractors, leaving you with a worker who you have not researched, who hasn’t been screened or drug tested, and whose experience may be questionable.

Definitely get more than one estimate, but don’t fall for the “cheapest price” scam. Of course you don’t want to overpay, and everyone’s looking for a bargain, but beware if the deal looks too good to be true. A contractor may undercut everyone else, but provide you with far lower quality work, meaning that you’ll have to have the work redone in a few years. Hire a company with a long history your community so you can be sure they will be around to honor their warranty if you do have problems down the road.”

Source: Ram Jack of Indiana Blog – http://blog.ramjackofindiana.com/things-consider-choosing-foundation-repair-contractors/

This is excellent advice for avoiding foundation repair contractor scams in any area of the country. In fact, it’s great advice for doing due diligence on any type of contractor.

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